Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Gospel of John Bible BIB 4610 Spring 2024
McWilliams, Kevin
Exegesis & Exposition of Isaiah Bible HEB 6548 Spring 2024
Lyons, Michael
Romans Columbia Biblical Seminary BIB 3616/6616 Fall 2023
Naylor, Michael
Foundations of Spiritual Formation Columbia Biblical Seminary MIN 5300 Academic Year 2023-2024
Rabon, Melina
Transformational Bible Teaching Columbia Biblical Seminary MIN 6344 Academic Year 2023-2024
Rabon, Melina
Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Education EDU 3723 Year-round
Clevenger, Elizabeth
Encountering Spiritual Formation Spiritual Formation MSD 1110 Year-round
McCall, Andrew
Introduction to Philosophy Philosophy PHI 2110 Year-round
Reibsamen, Jonathan
History of Ideas Philosophy PHI 3210(F) & 3220(SP) Academic Year 2023-2024
Reibsamen, Jonathan
Seminar in Ethics Philosophy PHI 4140 Fall 2023
Reibsamen, Jonathan

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